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Haja Peer Mohamed H [My Simple Introduction]

My name is Haja Peer Mohamed H. I was born on April 30th, 1982, at 05:58 Hours, India.

You might find this difficult to believe… But a year ago I didn’t own my domain name, had never know about blog and knew nothing about blog design. In other words, everything I’ve done with blogger, or wodpress and blog design in the past year has been self taught, using trial and error.

Wait, there’s more…
Over the course of the past 7 years of my life, my life has changed in ways I can’t even begin to describe. I realized that living my life the way I wanted, and not the way others wanted. Also I realized that the deepest parts of me wanted to live a genuinely happy life without expecting much from others.

And, my hobbies are web designing, photography and Experimenting software’s. Also, I am interested in troubleshooting software's.

What I feel to be my major strength is that i am very loyal. i will also be considered to be patient (but not all the time and for all situations), dependable, persistent, and generous. But I am very stubborn and possessive at the same time.

I’m also a open-minded and easygoing kind of person though some people may find that I’m a little wierd for them. But i don’t like to judge others and I don’t like people to judge me either especially if they don’t really know me. I view life in an interesting manner and i really love the little things and moments in life that others may miss.

Also a heart on the sleeve kind of person, I love to share my opinions with others and vice versa. I’m a Strong opinated person but I try hard not to force my ideas on others. It sounds good. isn’t it?

I also love collecting stuff that some people may say its junk… (like my mum!) like Books, bottles, shells, stones, feathers and candles. And as the technology moves, I started to collect softwares, CD'S, DVD's, etc., etc., etc.,

In the long run, i’m still finding myself.. U know, as a Men, a Boy and a person etc…I’m always searching myself…thus my greatest peeve is not having the freedom to do everything i want. I want the freedom to be a thousand of things and yet be one person. I don’t like to be stereotyped and formatted. I’m a closet rebel I guess. I rebel against anyone who classify me into one certain type of thing.

Like many people, I have my own dreams and one of them is to explore the world, living a carefree life without any tied downs or worries. I also hope to live in America or may be Australia permanently when I’m slightly older.:) But on a more practical level, i hope to be successful in the Computer line one day. I guess that’s all about me. If you still want to know more of me… here is some thing for you to easily understand….
  • A quiet simple man who can do something unexpected to shock you.
  • I am very patient with other people, but very impatient with myself. If something has gone wrong, I will blame my own carelessness instead of blaming other people.
  • I never want to get too close with anyone for I think living in reality is living by yourself.
  • I don’t care what people think when I behave weird. I could be walking bare feet and laughing at people who laugh at me and think they are so narrow minded.
  • I don’t like to follow conformity, but always want to search for new ventures, new mystery.
  • I like to search and analyze people and things. I will analyze my friends.
  • I can not easily understand people, so I will gradually learn about you till I fills up all my questions.
  • I look only for future and I think I live for the future. I wonder how many people think like I do, but I do not want to be like the others.
  • A man with a conflicting personality. I am cool, understanding, able to work well, and very artistic.
  • I hate lies, so I will not tell you lies. If I finds it is necessary to lie, I will find other ways not to tell you or avoid telling you anything.
  • Hell for me is “No Freedom
Note: I don’t like to judge others and i don’t like people to judge me either especially if they don’t really know me.


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Haja Peer Mohamed H, Software Engineer by profession, Author, Founder and CEO of "bench3" you can connect with me on Twitter , Facebook and also onGoogle+

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Thanks! And it was nice to know that you took some time to write on my website.... thank you for your comment. and words!