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Advantages Of Proxy Server

A proxy server acts as a mediator between the user machine and the server. There are different types of proxy servers are available. Some of them are: transparent, anonymous and elite proxy servers. 

Transparent proxies are not capable of hiding your ip address but it is also has its own importance. Some people may use these servers to restrict some services on the network. Sometimes these servers can increase your browsing speed by storing frequently used pages in the local cache of the server. 

But the truth is that there are very rare peoples these days that are using transparent proxy servers.

Anonymous proxy servers are those servers which hides your identity (ip address) from the visiting websites. Internet is full of hackers and other threats hence if you have doubt on any website then you should use anonymous proxies to hide your ip address and surf securely. Whenever you use anonymous proxy ip address then visiting site knows that you are surfing behind a proxy. 

Elite proxies are those proxies which hides your ip address as Anonymous proxy also visiting site never knows that you are behind a proxy. There are some other types of proxies available these days but we are not going to make light on them.

Use of Free Proxy List
If you are new to proxy world then you may wonder what the uses of proxy servers are. There is nothing to worry about this here is the list of uses:
  1. It helps you in hiding your identity from the sites which can steal your personal information.
  2. it provides you the greater flexibility to control your network.
  3. It gives the access to the sites which are blocked in your area.
  4. Some times it increases the browsing speed by storing frequently used pages in cache.


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