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The Best 5 iPhone Games

Here are our favorite games for the iPhone and iPod touch, and most of them cost less than $5.
Everything about the iPhone and the iPod touch makes them ideal casual gaming devices. The accelerometer allows for innovative control styles. The Wi-Fi connectivity lets you play against friends and strangers. The App Store makes it easy to find and download new titles. The popularity of the devices gives game developers an incentive to develop cool games for the platform. And the price of the games themselves makes trying lots of games affordable.
If you want to turn your iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate gaming machine, we have some game recommendations for you. Whether you're into strategy games, word puzzles, shoot-'em-ups, or even hunting games, there's something in our list for you. And they're cheap enough for you to buy every game on the list for just under $40. Also Read : Best iPhone Games From iPhone Store.

DeerHunter 3D ($5.99)
If you're a fan of arcade hunting games like Big Buck Hunter, you'll love DeerHunter 3D. The game lets you track deer footprints on your map, and when you get close enough, go in for the kill. Unlock cool extras like a scope for far-away shots, and keep yourself still and your aim true using the Steady button. Also Read : Best iPhone Games From iPhone Store.

Fieldrunners ($2.99)
There are lots of tower-defense-style games in the App Store, but Fieldrunners is my favorite. Install different types of defense towers across the battlefield to keep enemy soldiers, tanks, helicopters, and zeppelins from infiltrating your base. Also Read : Best iPhone Games From iPhone Store.

Flight Control ($0.99)
Think you've got what it takes to be an air traffic controller? Flight Control will change your mind about that. The game involves setting flight paths to safely direct jumbo jets to the large runway, smaller prop planes to the airstrip, and helicopters to the helipad. The premise is simple, but the game play is tough. Also Read : Best iPhone Games From iPhone Store.

iFighter ($0.99)
iFighter is a new take on the classic top-down shoot-'em-up, in which you fly your fighter plane through scrolling levels, dodging bullets and taking out the bad guys. What makes the iPhone the perfect platform for this type of game is its accelerometer: Just tilt the phone left, right, forward, and back to maneuver your plane. Also Read : Best iPhone Games From iPhone Store.

iShoot ($1.99)
This turn-based tank battle pits you against other players or the computer in a fight to the death. Each round starts with a shopping spree in which you browse a long list of available weapons and buy the ones that will best blow your opponents to smithereens. Once your arsenal is set, players take turns shooting by calculating the trajectory and velocity needed to hit the other tanks. Also Read : Best iPhone Games From iPhone Store.

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