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Best iPhone Games From iPhone Store

Continued From: The Best 5 iPhone Games, Here are our favorite games for the iPhone and iPod touch, and most of them cost less than $5.

Everything about the iPhone and the iPod touch makes them ideal casual gaming devices. The accelerometer allows for innovative control styles. The Wi-Fi connectivity lets you play against friends and strangers. The App Store makes it easy to find and download new titles. The popularity of the devices gives game developers an incentive to develop cool games for the platform. And the price of the games themselves makes trying lots of games affordable.

If you want to turn your iPhone or iPod touch into the ultimate gaming machine, we have some game recommendations for you. Whether you're into strategy games, word puzzles, shoot-'em-ups, or even hunting games, there's something in our list for you. And they're cheap enough for you to buy every game on the list for just under $40.

Need for Speed: Undercover ($9.99)
This is hands-down the best racing game for the iPhone, which is saying something because there are lots of racing games for the iPhone. Like most of them, Need for Speed: Undercover uses your phone's accelerometer to steer the car, and you use the touch screen to brake or give yourself a nitrous speed boost. The game play is challenging, the cut scenes are beautiful, and there's even a decent story line to hold your interest. Also Check - The Best 5 iPhone Games

SimCity ($4.99)
EA has managed to cram an amazing amount of bells and whistles into this mobile version of the classic municipal administration game. The visuals are great, and the strategies and game play hew close to the original SimCity that you remember from 20 years ago. Also Check - The Best 5 iPhone Games

Texas Hold'em ($4.99)
Apple's own poker game is one of the best card games in the App Store. Hold your phone vertically to see your opponents' faces and look for tells as they play, or turn it horizontal to see the whole table and speed the game up a bit. Also Check - The Best 5 iPhone Games

UniWar ($3.99)
UniWar is a turn-based strategy game that turns interstellar war into a kind of chess match. The goal is to capture your enemy's bases using an army composed of different types of soldiers and vehicles, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Every level demands a different strategy to win, and you won't beat it quickly.  Also Check - The Best 5 iPhone Games

Wolfenstein 3D Classic ($1.99)
This game is a throwback to the original Wolfenstein 3D first-person shooter. Honestly, its main appeal might be nostalgia—the graphics and controls are way beneath what the iPhone is capable of—but Wolfenstein is still a fun Nazi-killing romp. (For even more nostalgia, check out Oregon Trail.) Also Check - The Best 5 iPhone Games

Word Warp ($0.99)
It's more fun than Bookworm—really! Word Warp gives you six letters and asks you to form as many words as possible from those letters in 2 minutes. I dare you not to get addicted. Also Check - The Best 5 iPhone Games

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