Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Haja Peer Mohamed H

Google Adsense Alternative | WidgetBucks

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!Do you know that we have a new online money making opportunity for bloggers?

Yes! Have you heard of WidgetBucks before? I guess probably not since they are quite new in the online world.

It is a PPC (Pay-per-Click) online money making opportunity very much like Google AdSense and Kontera. The only difference is that WidgetBucks does not have any text ads. Their ads are pretty cool! Flash movies that came in different sizes and you can even customize their colors to blend them in with your existing blogs. They also have a referral program and you can make extra money from it.

I have been using WidgetBucks on my blogs for two weeks now and I can seriously say that I’m making quite a lot of easy money from them. It’s too early to tell but so far I can say that in terms of VPC (Value-per-Click), I’m definitely making more money on WidgetBucks.

I’m new on WidgetBucks. I’m hoping that they are good paymasters and would deliver as expected. Talking about payment, they would either send you a check or deposit your earnings into your PayPal account once you have accumulated a minimum of US50.00 per month.

Click Here To Give it a try!

Haja Peer Mohamed H

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