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Haja Peer Mohamed H

How To Get Traffic From Feeds And Search Engine

Search engines simply die for "Feeder Pages", But, how to build it?? 

TRAFFIC, as we all know it is the life blood of your businesses VERY existence online, so wouldn’t it be nice if you could tap into some of that traffic, thats targeted Search Engine traffic, absolutely FREE Of Charge?
Well… your in luck because that’s the sole purpose of a “Feeder Page”. Now, the question that I found that usually arises with “Feeder Pages” is How-To  build them correctly. This was the exact question I had myself when I was first came across this type of website Traffic Generation and is why I’m writing this article. So, with that said, I hope by the time you finish reading this article you’ll have a good idea yourself of the steps neccessary on How-To build quality “Feeder Pages” of your own that will send you FREE targeted search engine traffic and generate you some Ad revenue as well.

Make Your “Feeder Pages” Theme Based.
This is an important tip. You must make your “Feeder Pages” the same theme as the rest of your website. What I mean by that is, same template, same navigation, same links, copyright, etc. By doing this it won’t seem as obvious to your visitor that its a generated page of some sort and will give you a better chance of them clicking through to your main sale pages.

Put Quality Keyword Rich Content On Your Pages.
This is yet another important tip you must consider and that is putting quality Keyword Targeted content on your “Feeder Pages” that targets your audience.
Why?... Because you are building these pages for the search engines and since roughly 85% of Internet surfers use search engines as their primary tool for locating the information they’re looking for your going to want to have Quality Content related to your Product or Service waiting for them to draw them in when they find your link within the search engine listings.

Add Links Back To Your Website Or Affiliate Site.
This next tip is pretty straight forward. All you need to do is put either a Text Ad(recommended) or some Banner Ads within the “Feeder Pages” in Highly Visible areas and link them back to your main website or Affiliate website.  This is the whole purpose of building these pages in the first place.

Placing your Google Adsense code for $$CASH$$.
Since your doing all this work to generate traffic to your main website why not profit EVEN MORE by adding 3 blocks of Google Adsense code to your “Feeder Pages” just in case your visitor decides not to click through to your website or affiliate site. And since your “Feeder Pages” have quality Keyword Targeted content on them, your Google Adsense Ads will display targeted ads.

The best places to put your 3 blocks of Google Adsense code is right at the top under your Header graphic if you have one. The next best place is in the upper left sidebar. And the last place is either within the content itself or at the end of the article.

These positions all depend on how you build your “Feeder Pages”, so make sure you plan out where you want to put your Google Adsense code in advance for Maximum PROFIT!

Add an RSS Feed To Your “Feeder Pages”.
Okay. Here’s the last tip I’m going to share and that is, add an RSS(Real Simple Syndication) feed to your “Feeder Pages”.  By doing this you’ll be putting your “Feeder Pages” on Autopilot, 24/7.

Why an RSS feed?
Simple. RSS feeds deliver and syndicate fresh content, so if you have an RSS feed on your “Feeder Pages” your content will be updated ‘Automatically’ which will then trigger the search engine spiders to schedule routine visits back to your website for more indexing. And dont forget you can also make money from your blog's RSS Feed.. Read Here

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