Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Haja Peer Mohamed H

How To Make Free International Calls

This is how you can make unlimited international calls for free.

Now you can make free international call and it is unlimited. However, to make it fare there is a limit, not in term of calls but in calling numbers. You can choose 5 numbers to make unlimited calls. The best thing to me, there is no need to install a software. All you need to go there website and make a call from there. So you can make a call through your mobile too for free if your provider don’t put a pries on surfing internet or if your internet service is cheaper than making international calls.

The question is how this going to be free? And as always this service too come with an audio advertising when you dial the number, which is fair enough if you want to save some dollar. The bad thing to me both you and your friend should need to be in their supported country. However their is a bypass strategy always. Buy a service for your friend if you live in supported country or ask your friend to buy a service if s/he live in supported country and then use it. Though I don’t know exactly how it works as I not able to use it because I am in un supported country and no off my net friend going to buy a service for me as there is Skype and Gtalk to make voice call.

To know more about it visit here.

Haja Peer Mohamed H

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