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How To Make Money From Your Blog’s RSS Feed

Some blog for fun, some blog for money, some blog for both. There are numerous options to monetize a blog. AdSense ads, affiliate links, paid reviews, links to your products  you name it. If your blog receives enough visitors you can start making living online. To make the most of your visitors you must keep in mind where do they come from. Those who arrive to your blog from search engine results or directed to you by links from other websites can see your pages fully. But your revenue-generating ads and links are hidden for those who read your RSS feeds. This means that your online money-machine loses click from a substantial portion of your most loyal visitors. Is there a way to make money in RSS feeds? Yes, try feedvertising

Feedvertising is a technology that enables bloggers to run text ads in their RSS feeds. One service I discovered lately that provides such technology is Text Links Ads. If you have a Wordpress blog you can join the network, which already features such popular blogs as TechCrunch or Problogger. See an example of feedvertising: this is how an affiliate link looks like in Probloggers RSS:

Feedvertising is very flexible. You can choose your advertisers (your affiliate links, your own products or advertisers suggested by Text Link Ads), provide your own custom prefix to the ad, such as sponsored by, thanks to our sponsor or whatever you like, you can write your own text after the link to express your opinion about the advertised product or service. You can also let Text Links Ads to run paid links not only in your RSS but also across your entire blog.Text Links Ads provides you with a plugin customized to your blog which is easily installed and managed just as any other WordPress plugin. Unfortunately this also means that if you have a Blogger account you are not able to use this service.

Feedvertising is not a contextual ads provider so you can keep running your AdSense ads without violating the TOS. Your payouts depend on the popularity of your blog, which is measured as a combination of Technorati and Alexa rankings, and can be up to $250 per month per link for the top publishers or $40-70 for moderately popular blogs.

For more information on creating an account in Feedvertising as well as the instruction on setting up the plugin please refer to the excellent video by TubeTutorial.

Note: As far as I know unless you have your own PHP-enabled hosting you can’t use this service. This applies to those blogs accounts hosted by Blogger (the ones that have ‘blogspot’ in their URL).

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