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Haja Peer Mohamed H

Remove Your Link From Google

As a website owner or the manager, we can control or manage the web page where the need or not need to include in the index database search engines, how is that normally used with a robots.txt file or robots Meta Tags, but sometimes still have that set in terlewatkan the second way, and sometimes the website owner a little lazy if some code must be entered via a robots.txt file or robots Meta Tags.

To overcome this, the search engine Google has a way if we find a web page in our search engine Google, but actually we do not want web pages to publish in the search engine. How to remove a web page through Google is to use existing facilities in the Google Webmaster.

The Steps Are As Follows:
Go into your Google Webmaster Tools, for those who do not have, of course, must have an e-mail account Google (GMail).

Next page from the Dashboard webmasters, select Tools on the menu column on the left menu select the link URL Removals, removals continue click New Request, select the option appropriate to the needs, there are four options, Individual URLs, a directory …, Your entire site, Cached copy of a Google search result.

Individual URLs:
For the individual URLs can select between two options, the URL or delete the image. Then enter the URL link or a picture and click the ADD button, for a list of URLs that can be inserted up to 100 URLs. When done add to the content or remove the URL in the Google search engine, click Submit Removal Request.

Remove URL Directory:
If you choose this option, the list of files or URLs in a folder can be deleted all. example: I want to delete all my pictures on the web, I put the folder in the root directory of the image database or the Google index, then I just write all images / URL link that is in the image folder will be deleted from the Google search engine index

Your Entire Site:
This option if you want to delete all list the url on the web that has been most in the Google index, but this option on Google suggests that the URL to block Google’s robots can not go to all the URLs on the web we should use a robots.txt file.

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