Monday, May 25, 2009

Haja Peer Mohamed H

Tatas To Start E-Mall

Salt-to-software maker the Tata Group is gearing up to start an electronic mall through which products made by all group companies would be sold on-line in the next two months. Products made by all Tata Group companies would be sold through the channel. However, not much details available on the project. They are in the process of doing it. A team of tatas is developing the project.  And this is going to start in the next two months.

Sources, however, said that the e-mall, like any other e-commerce portals, would be the electronic variant of the brick and mortar malls that has revolutionised the shopping experience in recent times.
The proposed e-mall of the Tata Group is aimed at serving people who find it difficult to spend time on shopping and ensuring them convenience of shopping at home thereby saving their time and efforts capitalising on the information technology penetration of the country, sources said.
Industry experts said that six triggers like, saving time and efforts, wide variety, convenience of shopping at home, good discounts, getting detailed information of the product to able to compare products and brands motivate the shoppers to buy on-line.

Haja Peer Mohamed H

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