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Whats New In Windows 7 Part 6

How To Approach Windows 7?
The best approach is to start by throwing away preconceptions from earlier Windows versions and approach the new OS with an open mind. That's the best way to decide whether to incorporate Windows 7 into your home or business PCs. In this gallery, I highlight some features you'll want to pay special attention to. Continuved From - Whats New In Windows 7 Part 4.

Setting up BitLocker To Go
Windows 7 Ultimate and Enterprise editions support BitLocker disk encryption. New in Windows 7 is a feature called BitLocker To Go, which allows you to encrypt the entire contents of a USB flash drive or other removable device. If it’s lost or stolen, the thief will be unable to access the data without the password. To start, right-click the flash drive and use this shortcut menu. 

BitLocker encryption
Adding BitLocker encryption requires you to enter a password (or use smart-card credentials). After entering a strong password, click the Start Encrypting button. The actual time it takes varies depending on how much data is on the drive. Any additional files you copy to this drive in the future will automatically be encrypted on the fly. 

Opening a BitLocker-encrypted drive
When you attach a flash drive whose contents have been encrypted using BitLocker To Go, it appears in the Computer window with a key icon, as shown here. Double-clicking the drive icon opens the dialog box shown here. Enter your password and click Unlock to gain access to the data. Although you can create and manage a BitLocker-encrypted volume only on Windows 7 Ultimate, you can open, add, and delete files from any retail edition of Windows 7, including Home Premium.

BitLocker in Vista or XP?
You’ve used BitLocker drive encryption to protect the contents of a USB flash drive. So what happens if you insert that drive into a PC running Windows XP or Vista? In that case, Windows displays the dialog box shown here. When you enter the correct password, the contents appear in the BitLocker To Go Reader, shown here. As the name suggests, you can copy and open files from this location, but you can’t add new files or change or delete existing one. (The BitLocker To Go Reader does not work with OS X; to read an encrypted drive on a Mac, it must be running Windows.)


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