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Whats New In Windows 7

Question: What To Look For In Windows 7?
Solution: Start by throwing away preconceptions from earlier Windows versions and approach the new OS with an open mind. That's the best way to decide whether to incorporate Windows 7 into your home or business PCs. In this gallery, I highlight some features you'll want to pay special attention to.
System Performance Measurement:
In Vista, this measurement of system performance was capped at 5.9 for each of five measurements. In Windows 7, the top of the scale moves up to 7.9 and the individual tests are much more intensive.
A Simplified View Of Devices:
The old-school Device Manager is still available for those who prefer its stark tabbed simplicity. This new view, called Devices and Printers, is designed to filter that view so it shows devices you’re most likely to need to interact with. 
Devices Can Have A Custom Interface:
When I plugged in this portable MP3 player and clicked its icon in Devices and Printers, I was pleasantly surprised to see this custom interface. It’s especially appropriate for media players, phones, scanners, and other devices that typically require user interaction to sync or manage.
Driver Updates, Free Delivery:
If a device doesn’t appear to have driver support after you complete setup, just wait. Even at this early stage, there are thousands of Windows 7-compatible drivers available via Windows Update, and updates are delivered regularly for crucial categories like network card and display adapters.
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nintendo r4
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Wow it's features is very nice.I think it can beat any operating system by features.

John Dolan
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You are right Nintendo,

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