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Whats New In Windows 7 Part 5

How To Approach Windows 7?
The best approach is to start by throwing away preconceptions from earlier Windows versions and approach the new OS with an open mind. That's the best way to decide whether to incorporate Windows 7 into your home or business PCs. In this gallery, I highlight some features you'll want to pay special attention to. Continuved From - Whats New In Windows 7 Part 4.

Contents view is new
Every Windows user is familiar with the standard folder views in Windows Explorer—Details, Large Icons, Tiles, and so on. This Contents view is new in Windows 7 and is best suited for search results. In this case, I entered a search term (kentucky) in the box at the top right. The highlighted results pack in copious amounts of detail, and the search result is highlighted in each one.

A (slightly) simpler search box
In Windows Vista, the Search window includes a complex pane, normally hidden, that you can use to choose search criteria. It’s gone in Windows 7. To pick criteria from lists, you click in the Search box and use a search filter. When you click a filter (the selection of filter types varies depending on the type of data) you get a list drawn from the dataset you’re using. For dates, a search filter uses the powerful calendar control shown here. If you’re reviewing the Windows 7 RC, make sure you try this feature.
Searching from the Start menu
As with Windows Vista, you can search for content anywhere on your computer by entering terms in the Search box at the bottom of the Start menu. In Windows 7, the list of results is much richer. Each category shows the top results and includes a number in parentheses showing the total number of results. Each heading is a live link as well; click it to open Windows Explorer with your search terms applied to that item type, whether it’s music files, Outlook items, or documents.
A cleaner firewall interface
Just for fun, compare the Windows Firewall settings dialog box for Windows XP and Vista with the one shown here. It does a good job of displaying current settings and providing links to common tasks in the pane on the left.


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