Thursday, May 28, 2009

Haja Peer Mohamed H

Windows 7 Allows Full Network Connection For µTorrent

Good news to torrent downloaders: µTorrent is now given a green tick courtesy of Windows 7.
We have discovered that the latest operating system from Microsoft, currently on Release Candidate (RC), allows full network connection for torrent downloading compared to a red with Windows XP and Vista. This is manifested by the green tick at the lowest part of the µTorrent window.

The green tick means your connection is at full speed, depending on your bandwidth subscription, even when Windows 7 Firewall is turned on.

Well, we do not endorse torrent downloading as it involves so many complicated content piracy and bandwidth abuse issues. We are just sharing basic information and we hope you torrent freaks like this update.

Haja Peer Mohamed H

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