Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Disable Dr Watson Process Or Memory Dump File To Save Hard Disk Space

Many computers running Windows Vista is kind of slower. It's probably the compatibility issues with applications developed many years ago. As a result of this, many applications very often gets errors with memory dump.

When that is happening, we can see drwtsn32.exe (Dr. Watson) process running in the Task Manager. drwtsn32.exe is dumping the memory information for programmer to debugging the error. 99.99% of computer never send the memory dump files to Microsoft developers for debugging. When drwtsn32.exe is working its job, the computer user cannot do anything, except wait for its completion.
If your computer crashes it will create a dump file. From this dump file you can diagnose the source of the problem. It is unlikely you will need this file; if you do you can always turn the option back on.
Here, we will see how to save HDD space by disabling memory dump files in Vista.
1. Press Start and click Control Panel
2. Type Advanced in the search box
3. Click on View advanced system settings in the search results
4. Under Startup and Recovery, click Settings
5. In the Write debugging information drop down, click (none) and press OK.
You will now save space and not store useless information.
Note: In case that some situation the computer still performs the memory dump, then go from the Vista Start Menu Search Box and type drwtsn32 and press enter key. After the Dr. Watson Window appears (as in above screen shot), uncheck all the options there.


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