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Downgrade From Windows 7 Will Be Available Till April 2011

Talks about downgrading From Windows 7 has already begin even though the current version of Windows 7 is still not the final version. Earlier, (Back in April) Microsoft first disclosed that Windows 7 customers would have downgrade rights to XP instead of just to Windows Vista. 

As much as Microsoft would like to cut off XP's air supply, customers still want the option, even with Windows 7. [Microsoft Windows XP To Continue Untill 8th April 2014 | Enters “Extended Support” phase].
In a reversal of its earlier stance, Microsoft officials confirmed that customers will be able to downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows XP for a year and a half after the new system ships, or until the first Service Pack drops -- whichever comes first.
Who Can Avail This Option:
The downgrade option is also not available to all Windows 7 users. Downgrade rights apply to purchasers of Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate, so the option isn't available to customers who buy Windows 7 Home Premium. Additionally, customers who have either Software Assurance subscriptions or Enterprise Agreements with Microsoft can continue to get the downgrade as long as they want.
"Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate customers will have the option to downgrade to Windows XP Professional from PCs that ship within 18 months following the general availability of Windows 7 or until the release of a Windows 7 service pack (SP), whichever is sooner and if an SP is developed."
Previously, the company had set the cutoff date for downgrading to XP at six months after Windows 7's ship date, which is currently set for October 22. That would have cut off availability of XP downgrades on April 30, 2010.[Windows 7 Will Be Shipped This Year]
Now that's been extended. The latest that Microsoft will enable XP downgrades will be the end of April 2011.
There are reasons why customers might want to weigh their options when it comes to keeping Windows 7 or downgrading to XP. One significant shortcoming: mainstream support for XP expired on April 14. Microsoft's "extended support" is still available for the operating system, although that includes only security patches for free -- other support requires payment. That offering runs until August 8, 2014. While the newest policy change may please some customers, it doesn't address the needs of many.
I would have liked to have seen Microsoft say [expiration] is whichever comes later, because we don't know when SP1 is going to come out
How To Approach Windows 7?
The best approach is to start by throwing away preconceptions from earlier Windows versions and approach the new OS with an open mind. That's the best way to decide whether to incorporate Windows 7 than going for downgrade in the later stage.


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