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Free Upgrade To Windows 7 For PCs Pre Installed With Windows Vista

What to do to keep consumers interested in the PC market while they wait for Windows 7 to ship?. In a move aimed at keeping sales of PCs moving, Microsoft is about to begin a sales promotion that lets people who buy PCs pre-installed with Windows Vista -- between June 26 and October 22 when Windows 7 ships -- to get a free or discounted upgrade to Windows 7 when it ships in late October.
Microsoft's "Tech Guarantee" program is officially named the Windows 7 Upgrade Option Program (UOP), and it's optional for PC OEMs and retailers to participate in.

Wait! don't head for the local computer store, though. That deal doesn't kick in for another ten days.

"This program enables participating retailers and OEMs to offer a special deal to upgrade to Windows 7 for customers purchasing a qualifying PC," Microsoft Windows 7 team blogger Brandon LeBlanc said in a posting earlier this month, though he gave no details.
Also Remember: Microsoft has had tech guarantee programs for previous Windows launches, notably prior to the launch of Windows Vista -- which ultimately ended up with Microsoft fighting a deceptive sales practices lawsuit that is still working its way through the courts.
Under the Windows 7 UOP, customers who purchase a new PC with Windows Vista pre-installed will be eligible to receive an upgrade to Windows 7 when it's available for free or for a discount off the retail price of Windows 7. 

Good Move?
I don't think there will be much uptake. However, due to the slow economy this program is  necessary. It does keep consumers from postponing that purchase.
In fact, some resellers believe the UOP will even help their business. Take, for example, hardware and software reseller Wasatch Software.
It's necessary for the PC manufactures to be able to tell their customers, that they  don't have to wait because, their PC is Windows 7 ready.
Initial third-party reports of the Windows 7 Tech Guarantee or UOP said that the upgrades will run until January 31, 2010.

A Microsoft spokesperson could not comment on dates for the beginning and end of the UOP, or give specifics of the program, partly because much of how the UOP is implemented -- such as free or just discounted -- is up to the vendors, since they're footing the bill. [Windows 7 is currently slated to hit store shelves on October 22]


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