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Hack Windows Vista | Reset Administrator Password In Windows Vista

Forgot your password? No problem. There are two ways to get into your PC: the easy way and the hard way. Do you want to hack windows vista? well, you can do it using the second method, the hard way. 
Please note that, the second method won’t work if your drive is encrypted or if it is  protected by BitLocker Drive Encryption.

Method One:
If there are any other administrator-level accounts on your PC, the easy way is to log in to one of those accounts, open the User Accounts page in Control Panel, and change your password there.

Method Two: 
If yours is the only administrator account, you’ll have to reset your password the hard way. (This won’t work if your drive is protected by BitLocker Drive Encryption) 
Start by downloading the free Trinity Rescue Kit from, and burn the ISO image to a blank CD.
Before you use the boot CD for the first time, make sure your first boot device is your CD / DVD drive.
Next, boot your PC with the Trinity Rescue Kit disc, which is essentially a bootable Linux CD. At the prompt, 
type winpass -u username
where username is your login name. 

The software will then search your hard disk for Windows installations, display a list of any it finds, and ask you to choose one.

At this point you’ll be asked to either provide a new password or type merely * (asterisk) to choose a blank password. Confirm that you wish to change the password, and you’ll be sent back to the terminal prompt when it’s done.

Now, restart your PC to log in to your newly unlocked Windows account.


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