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How To Use Windows Start Menu Search | Introduction To Windows Start Menu Search

Start Menu Search box is one of the most convenient ways to find things on your computer. The exact location of the items doesn't matter—the Search box will scour your programs and all of the folders in your personal folder (which includes Documents, Pictures, Music, Desktop, and other common locations). It will also search your e‑mail messages, saved instant messages, appointments, and contacts.
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To open the Start menu, click the Start buttonin the lower-left corner of your screen. Or, press the Windows logo keyon your keyboard. The Start menu appears. Also Read : How To Search Internet And More From Your Start Menu.
To use the Search box, open the Start menu (as said above) and start typing. You don't need to click inside the box first. As you type, the search results appear above the Search box in the left pane of the Start menu.

A program, file, or folder will appear as a search result if:
  • Any word in its title matches or begins with your search term.
  • Any text in the actual contents of the file—such as the text in a word-processing document—matches or begins with your search term.
  • Any word in a property of the file, such as the author, matches or begins with your search term. (For more information about file properties, see View the properties for a file.)
Click any search result to open it. Or, click the Clear button Picture of the Search box Clear button on the Start menu to clear the search results and return to the main programs list. 

You can also click Search Everywhere to search your entire computer; or Search the Internet to open your web browser and search the Internet for your term. If you want to search the internet without opening the browser, read my earlier post : Search Internet And More From Your Start Menu

The Windows start menu search box is one of my favorite features in windows, but searching can be pretty slow if you  leave the default search settings as such.

You can customize the search results returned in the Start menu search box to only return the results that you want. If you only want to use the start menu search to pull up applications, you can disabled everything else. Read more on how to improve your Indexing Options.

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