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Racism A Global Threat | An Overview Of Racism Against Indians

Racism is a global attitude, which strangely seems to be raising its head, at a time when the borders between nations seems to be disappearing. Sports, workplaces, schools, homes- all seem to be afflicted with this curse.
In times when people migrate to other shores in search of better living, education or work more than before, cultures cannot remain isolated. This blending of diversities can bring about fear of losing one’s own identity. This fear manifests in varied forms of abuse- sometimes subtly, sometimes assuming gory manifestations.

My Views on Racism Against Indians
Indians across the world are agitated about the racial incidents that occurred recently in Australia. Similar events have occurred in various other parts of the world.

This event disturbed me too, not particularly because I m an Indian, but because no matter how much we boast about globalization in the true sense we are not a global community. Issues like migration and brain drain have not only effected the developing countries but have also posed a threat to the developed ones.

Major conflicts around the world are not only just because of racism. What I believe is that the reason lies not in skin color but in human nature. We hate it when someone tries to take our piece of cake and this hatred turns man into beast. This has happened in ancient times and will continue happening always.

In Sri Lanka, in U.S.A, in Canada and in Australia, you just name any single place on earth and you can see that the ethnic population has faced problems due to the laborer from other countries especially India. I think we need to tackle a more massive problem than racism.

I believe that in the true sense we haven’t globalised. We have exchanged civilizations, commodities, clothing, food etc, but we are still reluctant to exchange people. Why am I saying so? Well because we have become a global village when it comes to enjoying Italian Pizza’s in Canada, Spanish Salsa in India or French Houte Couture in U.S.A but when it comes to people we have our own reservations.

Most of the people respect both the culture and dignity of other nations but they are some who think otherwise. The minority syndrome has always cropped up both nationally and internationally.

It is strange that people adopt foreign things but not people. Lets first accept people and then their culture because their culture is incomplete without them. Lets make the world not only a global market but a global village.

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