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Speed Up Internet Explorer 8 Using Accelerators | IE 8 Add-Ons

Thinking about taking the plunge with the new Internet Explorer? IE8 has only been out a short time but has already received widespread publicity. Microsoft claims it is "faster, easier and safer" .
IE will always have its place though on my desktop, because in my experience, this browser will have the least chance of incompatibilities with web sites. Well, i am not the biggest fan of IE. To be honest, I have recommended Firefox to almost every one i know.

Getting back to IE8... There’s been a great deal of more talk lately about browser performance. Page load ensures that you get to where you want to go quickly. Here is one  reason why Microsoft claims that  IE8 is faster and easier than its previous versions.

Internet Explorer 8 offers a feature that saves you time and clicks and lets you get things done more quickly: Accelerators. Accelerators optimize the browser experience by removing repetitive, time consuming actions and give people easy access to the online services they use most. You can discover new Accelerators for Internet Explorer 8 at the Internet Explorer 8 Add-ons Gallery. Personally, I like the time-saving Accelerators in Internet Explorer 8.
Here's how they work: Highlight some text on a web page, then click the blue Accelerator icon. You'll get a popup that lets you feed the highlighted text directly into another tool, such as a dictionary, translator, or map.

For example, you can highlight an address on the page you're viewing, then select the "Map with Live Maps" accelerator to view an interactive map without ever leaving the page. You can also feed the text into a blog, an email message, or search at Google.

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