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Stop User Account Control Blacking Out The Screen In Windows Vista

We have already discussed about Disabling User Account Control In Windows Vista. If you are looking for "How To Disable User Account Control (UAC) in Windows Vista", Please read my earlier post here.

User Account Control Blacking Out The Screen:
Have you noticed that when Windows Vista prompts you to allow a program to take action, that the screen blacks out?

That is when the screen goes black or dark when the User Account Control window comes up. This is called the Secure (Elevated) Desktop mode. 

This is to show you that you are moving to an elevated desktop - where you will allow the  program to continue.

This can be annoying but you can disable this feature. It is enabled by default in Vista. Here I will let you know how to enable or disable Secure Desktop for UAC only. 

Method 1: 
Disable And Enable UAC Blackout (Using Reg Patch):
1. Download
2. Extract the archive
3. Double click on DisableUACBlackout.reg
To re-enable the blackout, double click on ReEnableUACBlackout.reg

You Are Done!

Method 2: 
If you cant download the file and still wish to stop UAC Blacking Out you can do it manually.
1. Open the Local Security Policy editor. (Open the Start menu, and type secpol.msc in the search line and press Enter.)
2. In the left pane (on Security Policy Editor), click on Local Policies to expand it.

3. In the left pane (on Security Policy Editor), click on Security Options.
4. In the right pane (on Security Policy Editor), right click on User Account Control: Switch to the secure / Elevated desktop when prompting for elevation and click Properties.
5. To Enable UAC Secure / Elevated Desktop -

6. Dot Disabled and click on OK.
Also Note: To Enable UAC Secure / Elevated Desktop - Dot Enable and click on OK.
7. Close the Local Security Policy window. Your done.


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