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Whats New In Windows 7 Part 8

How To Approach Windows 7?
The best approach is to start by throwing away preconceptions from earlier Windows versions and approach the new OS with an open mind. That's the best way to decide whether to incorporate Windows 7 into your home or business PCs. In this gallery, I highlight some features you'll want to pay special attention to. Continuved From - Whats New In Windows 7.

Searching Across A Homegroup
All the PCs that have joined a homegroup show up in Windows Explorer under this navigation heading. In this case, I’m browsing the shared music library on a different PC. Using the search box (upper right corner) I’ve set up a search filter using an album name. The results show up immediately in the contents pane.
Easier Wireless Connections
Clicking the wireless icon in the Notification area pulls up a list like this, showing available access points with signal strength for each one. Let the mouse pointer hover over any item to see details in a ScreenTip like the one shown here.
Movies In Media Center
In Windows 7, Media Center adds a new killer feature called Movie Library. Designate the local or network folders that contain movies—ripped in DVD format or as H.264 files—and they’ll display here, along with any movies from your Recorded TV folder. You can even stream ripped DVDs across a network using an Xbox 360 or Media Center Extender.
The Favorite Pictures Screensaver
This feature never fails to impress anyone who sees it. Go into the Setting menu in Media Center and tell it how to find your favorite pictures—using star ratings, or the date, or the contents of a specific folder. Then go back to the main Media Center menu and wait for the screensaver to kick in. Photos in this layout move to the forefront and switch smoothly from B&W to color. If you’ve been diligent about rating your photos, the results are especially satisfying.
Sharing Recorded TV
If you have a TV tuner in one Windows 7 PC, you can watch the programs it records using Windows Media Center on another PC over the network. The three shows in this library are from a different PC and were recorded in HD using a digital ATSC tuner. You can also push the More Info button (or right-click) and make a local copy using the shortcut menu. That option is handy if your goal is to fill a notebook hard drive with movies and TV to watch on a plane or in a hotel room.
And as what i have been saying, the best approach is to start by throwing away preconceptions from earlier Windows versions and approach the new OS with an open mind. 


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