Wednesday, June 6, 2012


When You Should Upgrade Your Software

Never upgrade?. Have you thought that you always needed the latest and greatest version of your software.” No, you don’t. My firm conviction is that software vendors (not just Microsoft) want you to always have the latest version of their software. If I were working for a software vendor, I would want you to have our latest software, as well. 
If you ask vendors why they want you to upgrade, they won’t say “So we can enhance our bottom line.” Instead, they focus on new features, increased productivity, or fewer problems.

Weren’t these the same reasons they gave you for upgrading to the version you currently have? Yep. It’s all part of the game — the game to get you to keep upgrading. The problem with upgrades is that they usually include features that you got along just fine without for years, and probably won’t use now even though they’re included. These add to the software’s bloat, making it fatter, slower, and more resource-hungry than ever.

When you upgrade software, you run the risk of cluttering up your system with pieces and parts of programs left behind in the upgrade process. Upgrading only when you need to helps minimize this process and make cleaning Windows easier. (I’m not ranting against software companies; they have a right to sell their wares and attempt to convince you that your life is happier, safer, and more fulfilling once you get the latest version of Widget Whacker Deluxe. You just need to look at software differently than how the software companies want you to.) So when do you need to upgrade? You should upgrade at these times:
  • If you’re developing your own products that rely on the newest versions of the software
  • If you must remain compatible with people or companies using the newer versions
Make sure you have a solidly thought-out reason for upgrading before you plunk down your hard-earned cash.


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