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Windows 7 Turns Out To Be A Threat To Windows Vista

Microsoft should be guilty of its double speak about windows 7 and windows vista. consumer Interest has now almost completely shifted from Microsoft Windows Vista to the largely vaporware Windows 7.

This is testament to how royally screwed up Microsoft's Vista go-to-market plan has become. On the one hand, it insists that Vista is a huge success, with tons of sold licenses and happy customers. On the other, the company recently offered Free Upgrade To Windows 7 For PCs Pre Installed With Windows Vista. Now, it is feared that windows 7 will be biggest threat to vista.

It is sure that Windows Vista would surely feel hurt, neglected, and stunned by the fact that Microsoft is favoring its still-unreleased, Windows 7.
The level of Windows 7 interest should be cause for significant concern in Redmond. Yet, There's the Vista group, which is gamely marching forward, trying to convince people that Vista is the operating system that they want and that they'll truly love it if they only give it a chance. Then there's the Window 7 group, which is populated, naturally, by some of the very same people. They're telling you how much better Windows 7 will be.
Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer are also guilty of doublespeak. Each has been quoted extolling the virtues and success of Vista. Yet, days later, they're explaining how Windows 7 will be lighter, faster, and more componentized.

I'm happy, honestly, that Microsoft is finally showing some real code, and that the company understands the need for a lighter, faster, more user-defined operating system.
"Vista is worthy, but Windows 7 is even worthier"
"PC market gets down as consumers waiting for Windows 7 to ship. In a move aimed at keeping sales of PCs moving, Microsoft is about to begin a sales promotion that lets people who buy PCs pre-installed with Windows Vista -- between June 26 and October 22 when Windows 7 ships -- to get a free or discounted upgrade to Windows 7 when it ships in late October. Read More About This..."

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