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Add An Address Bar In Your Windows Taskbar

Address Bar! which you can rely on more than shortcuts and bookmarks to return to sites, files, and folders. It allows you to type anything you would usually type into the run box in Windows XP or search box in Windows Vista.
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You can get to a lot of these resources in Vista simply by pressing the Windows key, typing their name, and pressing Enter once Windows retrieves them. Also Read: How To Use Windows Start Menu Search In Windows Vista / Windows 7.
But I'm much more accustomed to clicking the little arrow to the right of the Address bar text box to select the file or URL from the list that pops up. Or I can just start typing the URL or file name and choose it from those that appear.
To place an Address bar next to your system tray, right-click anywhere in the taskbar and choose Toolbars - Address. (Make sure Lock the Taskbar is unchecked.)
You can resize and move the Address bar--or any other taskbar item--or the entire taskbar, for that matter. I stick with the smallest possible taskbar at the bottom of the screen, but some people like having their taskbar run vertically along the left or right side of their monitor.
Once you do this you can position the address bar (just the normal explorer address bar) wherever you like - I put mine on the far right before the tray.

You can now either type a url, it allows you to type anything you would usually type into the run box 'cmd', 'regedit','calc' etc and it will open up the application.  I think its quite cool. 

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