Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Backing Up And Restoring Individual Registry Entries In Registry Editor

In a way, the Windows Registry is a weak link in the operating system’s stability and robustness. It’s remarkably easy to damage, but very difficult to repair.
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By now you should know how to backup full windows registry. Read here to know how to backup and restrore entier windows registry

You may back up or restore individual registry entries using the registry editor, which saves a file on your hard drive (or any media.) This file can then be restored at any time if you make a mistake.

Backing Up A Single Key
1. Find the key you want to back up and right click on it
2. Click Export
3. Save the file somewhere safe with a distinctive name

Restoring a Single Key
1. Find the key that you previously saved
2. Double click on the file and select Yes


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