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Batch Renaming Files In Windows Without Third Party Software

Let’s say you’ve got a bunch of pictures in your digital camera  (or any files) which you want to transfer to your PC and store them securely. When you transfer all the pictures you’ll find that the file names are a combination of letters and numbers which do not tell anything about the image. So what do you do ? Obviously renaming them is the solution.
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But renaming every file in the conventional way (one at a time) is time consuming, in fact very time consuming if you’ve got 200 or 300 photos.

If you are using windows operating system you batch rename files  without any additional software's and without going to command prompt. Here is the trick... remember , we have already discussed this in short in one of my earlier post More Ways to Rename Files In Windows. 

Reach the folder where all the files(that has to be renamed) are stored.
Select all the files (or just the files that have to be renamed). 
And right click any one (refer the screen shot) file that has to be renamed. 
Remember: you should select all the files and then right click in any one file from that selection. In our example, i am choosing all and right clicked the first image in that folder.

Choose rename and then you will see the file (only one file) name is ready to be changed -- refer the following screenshot.
Now, rename the file as you like and press enter. In this example, i am choosing "Home 2009" 
Now you will see all the file name has been changed as in the following figure.
Its done, you can do it for any files (not just photos).

If you wish to go for any software  to rename files, just try D-File Mu. I don’t remember when I first started using D-File Mu, but it is an invaluable tool for me. I use it all the time and I recommend it to anyone. It may take a little getting used to, but it’s not too complicated and works very well. In this guide, you’ll learn how to set rules and batch rename your files without going near the command prompt. Download D-FileMU

D-FileMU Features
  • Adding strings to the beginning and end of the filenames
  • Deleting specified number of characters from beginning or end of the filenames
  • Adding numbers in sequence to the beginning or end of the filenames
  • Changing to upper or lowercase
  • Replacing strings with specified string
  • Changing the file extension of filenames
  • Capitalizing words and more…
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