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Copy And Burn Copy Protected DVDs | Decrypt Encrypted DVDs

Been wondering how to make a backup copy of those copy protected DVDs in case of a fire, theft, or other damages? Many people have hundreds of costly DVDs and I am going to tell you how to burn copy protected DVDs to protect your investment and make it as painless for you as possible.
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Sony DVDs are particularly hard to decrypt because of the extra layer of protection they use. Also don't forget to check the requirements at the last section of this page. Ok so you have your software, hardware, and blank discs. What is next? In order to rip them, you must follow these steps.

  1. The single most important part of burning DVDs, especially those that are copy protected is having a good software program that is capable of making copies of copy protected DVDs. Many programs do not have this feature, and when you are burning a copy protected DVD it is essential. Obtain a copy of RipIt4Me. You can find this by searching on Google. While you're at it, look for DVDdecrypter on
  2. Install DVDDecrypter FIRST. Then extract and run Ripit4Me. Click on Wizard mode.
  3. Follow the instructions. RipIt4Me will create a PSL (Protected Sectors List) and import it into DVDDecrypter and begin ripping.
  4. Use DVDShrink to reduce the size of the movie unless you like paying a lot per piece for Dual-Layer discs.
  • Rip into ISO mode if possible (the newer version of Ripit4Me can handle this, or notify you if you have an older version)
  • If you in File Mode, you'll need a copy of FixVTS to clean it up before importing into you DVD editing/burning software.
  • Use DVDShrink for creating the final ISO before burning if you ripped in File Mode.
  • Use DVDSmith from as an alternative DVD Decrypting tool to copy ANY movie DVDs to your computer. DVDSmith is a FREEWARE!
  • If you want to be able to play the files on your computer you need to convert them using MediaCoder (Also Google for it) to convert the .vob files to any format desired.
  • DVD to PSP Converter for Mac users and Windows users (Google for it). It can rip DVD to PSP with very good video and audio quality. This powerful PSP converter provides a series of powerful settings such as selecting DVD subtitle and audio track, choosing any chapters or titles to convert, trimming DVD title or chapter, setting video brightness, contrast, saturation, and even converting all selected DVD titles or chapters into one file. Copy DVD to PSP and watch movies with the wide screen of your PSP player!
  • Circumventing the copy protection or encryption of a commercial DVD, despite the Fair Use clause of United States Copyright Law, is illegal under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Doing so is considered a federal offense, and you may be prosecuted in a federal court.
  • If you just burn the DVD files without using an appropriate program to create an ISO first, the DVD may only play on a computer.
  • You'll know when a DVD is using Sony's copy protection: when ripping normally using DVDDecrypter, the rip will hang somewhere in the first 10%.
  • If you imported the PSL into DVDDecrypter and the rip still seems to hang, do not cancel yet. The newer version of the copy-protection takes longer to recreate the protected sectors. You'll know because the message log will alternate between inserting and ripping sectors.
  • DVDDecrypter
  • RipIt4ME
  • DVDShrink
  • FixVTS (Optional)
  • MediaCoder 0.5.1 (To Convert To Avi or MPEG-4)
  • Obviously a DVD burner in your PC. Many new computers come with these already installed or as an option when purchasing and it is a great idea to include it into the price because it is much cheaper this way. Make sure that the specs on your DVD burner say that it is a DVD-R and not just a DVD player.
  • Lastly you will want quality blank DVD recordable discs. This is an item you don't want to skimp on either. Check the packaging and see how many minutes are recordable to the disk and compare it to the DVD you would like to burn. Many times if the disc is not large enough in memory the quality of your copy will be sacrificed. 
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