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How To Add Take Ownership Option To Context Menu

One of the most important ways to protect yourself, when you are using your computer, is to be in control of security. There are so many threats out there that it is important to be proactive and protect your computer.
There is so much you can do to protect yourself, the best part is to have a anti virus software running with latest updates. And here, we will help you gain more control and help you know how to make good choices when using your computer.

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Add Take Ownership to Context Menu:
Many folders in 7 are protected from changes and require administrative approval to change every time. 
Sometimes this can become tedious, so I’ve created a registry hack you can use to take ownership of select files.
Before doing anything with the Windows Registry, you should know what the registry is, how to back it up, how to restore it to a previous state, and how to add keys and values.
Warning: Before you try to have fun with windows registry, learn how to backup windows registry. Also try to have a backup of your registry at this stage before you proceed. Read More On How To Backup Windows Registry. 
  1. Download
  2. Add Take Ownership to your context menu by merging (double click)   InstallTakeOwnership.reg into your windows registry
Remove Take Ownership to Context Menu:
Remove Take Ownership from your context menu by merging RemoveTakeOwnership.reg into your registry.


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