Friday, July 31, 2009


How To Reset Windows Password | Reset Forgetten Login Password

There may come a time in which you need to manage user accounts via parental controls or to disable one, and you have no access to the control panel. If that may be the case, read my earlier post on how to Add Users From Windows Command Prompt. 
Or if you are looking to get admin password for your windows Vista based Operating System, please read my earlier post Hack Windows Vista | Reset Administrator Password In Windows. Or if you are looking to reset  windows password, Continue reading this post.

Login to a computer that can connect to the Internet. Download Windows Password Reset Tool  and decompress it on that PC. Note that there is an .ISO file. Burn the .ISO file to a CD.

Get out the newly created CD and insert it into the locked computer.

Reboot the locked computer and then follow the process of instructions. Just a few steps, the old password was removed.

Setting new password:
Step one: Open the "Control Panel"
Step two: Click the "User Account "
Step three: Select the account you wanna to set a new password.
Step four: Click "changing Account " and "set up password", then fill out the form as listed. Click "Create Password".
Thus, you have a personal login ID and Password, anyone has no right to login to your computer without this info.


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