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Installing Windows DreamScene | Working With DreamScene

Windows DreamScene is part of the Windows Vista Ultimate Extras package, and thus can be downloaded as part of “Ultimate Extras”, which is available for download from Windows Updates.
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Of course, your Windows Vista Ultimate must be genuine, activated and passed WGA validation. Windows Vista Ultimate website has a video clip showcases the features and what desktop will looks like with Dream Scene.

Ultimate Extras was one of the features Microsoft cited in the months leading up to the early-2007 release of Windows Vista Ultimate to distinguish it from lower-priced versions. If you do own Ultimate, then you can enjoy DreamScene.Visit my earlier post (What Is Windows Ultimate Extras) for more details about DreamScene.

To enable and use Vista DreamScene on your computer, do the following:
Please note: As well as running Windows Vista Ultimate, you’ll also need Aero enabled.
1. Press Start and select Control Panel
2. In the search box, type 'update' and select 'Windows Update' from the search results
3. Click 'View available updates' in the upper right corner
4. Under 'Windows Ultimate Extras', click on 'View available Extras'
5. Select 'Windows DreamScene' and click 'Install'
6. Restart your computer after DreamScene has finished installing
7. Repeat steps 1-4 and download Windows DreamScene Content Packs
8. Exit Windows update and right click on the desktop.

You'll now have two options:
  • Pause DreamScene: This will pause a Windows DreamScene desktop background
  • Play DreamScene: This will un-pause the Dreamscene
Selecting A Dream
To change your desktop background to a dream, do the following:
1. Right click on a empty area of your desktop and click Personalize
2. Select the 'Desktop Background' tab
3. Click on the 'Location' drop down list and click on 'Windows DreamScene Content'
4. Select a DreamScene (video) you want on your desktop background
5. Press ‘OK’

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