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Major Changes That We Experience In This Recession

The recession has impacted almost all of us. Some people will find that the impact is temporary, and when the economy improves, those people’s lives will return to the way that things were before the recession hit. 
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Unfortunately, that’s not going to be the case for many people, who will discover that the impact of the recession has changed their lives forever. One of the major changes is the way some of us will now view our jobs. 

Major Changes in Viewpoint about Our Jobs
Some of the key changes that we have experienced in our viewpoint about our jobs include:
  • A shift in the way that we view the stability of our industry.
  • A change in how much it matters that we enjoy the work that we do.
  • A difference in how employees and employers relate to one another.
  • A new emphasis on job performance. 
Shifts in Job Stability
Many people have found that the recession has caused a severe impact on the way that they view the stability of their jobs. A lot of people who believed that their jobs were stable have been unexpectedly laid off. Others still have their jobs but realize now that their positions are not necessarily going to be available to them forever. 

This realization has had different impact on different people. Some people are embracing the opportunity to live in the moment and to really enjoy the fact that they have their jobs right now, others are placing increasing value on building a financial nest egg for themselves in case their jobs go down the drain. 

Changing Views on Passion about Our Work
An interesting change that has happened because of the recession relates to how people view the importance of loving their work. What is interesting about it is that there are two very divergent views that have emerged:

1. People who are getting passionate about their work. One view comes from people who have spent a lot of years doing work that they didn’t love. Because of the aforementioned sense of instability caused by the recession, these people are reconsidering the amount of time that they’re investing in a job that doesn’t fulfill them. These people may discover that they want to pursue work they care about even if it doesn’t pay well since there’s no guarantee that they’ll keep the job they don’t like anyway. It is likely that they’ll continue to have this desire regardless of what changes occur in the economy.

2. People who are content to work at a job they aren’t passionate about. On the other hand, there are some people who have experienced an opposite change in their work lives. A lot of people were somewhat disgruntled before about “being stuck” in a job that they didn’t love. They are now simply grateful to have a job. These people may now be thinking that it’s not so important to love your job if you have one that you can at least tolerate. They’re increasingly content to just have hobbies on the side to fulfill them. 

Relationships with Employers
The changes in the economy have affected everyone. This includes the bosses that are firing employees or cutting back their hours. Most employers are unhappy about the impact that their financial issues have on the finances of their employees. This is creating changes in the way that employers and employees relate.

Some of those changes may be negative. Employers who feel guilty about what is going on with cutbacks or layoffs may not be handling the situation so well. There are a lot of businesses that are dealing with things through closed-door meetings. This has resulted in a shift towards an “us against them” mentality by employees in those types of businesses.
The good news is that most businesses are not shifting in this direction but instead are shifting in an opposite direction. Employers who can open up the doors of communication with employees may find that positive changes are resulting. Many businesses are trying to get through this recession together. Employers are working to keep people employed despite the economic problems they’re facing. They’re doing this by asking for help from employees. This teamwork attitude is producing some positive changes which allow some employees to feel more loyal to their work than in the past. For these businesses, employee/employer relationships have improved as a result of the recession. 

“A Job Well Done”
Many of us have found that the recession is giving us extra incentive to perform better on the job. People who work for large companies may find themselves going above and beyond the norm to stand out from their co-workers in an attempt to avoid being cut during layoffs. People who work for themselves have to work harder to get and retain clients or customers. This change has left a lasting impression on a lot of us and if there’s a silver lining in all of this, a renew emphasis on job performance would definitely be it.


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