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Make Windows Menu To Load Faster

Ever noticed the half-second or so delay between the instant you move the mouse over a menu item and the moment the menu  is opened? By default, Vista waits 400 milliseconds (just under a half-second) before opening menus, but if you eliminate the delay, menus will open instantaneously, and your PC will feel a little more alert.
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Make Windows Menu To Load Faster:
1. Open the Registry Editor: -- (Read More On How To Use Windows Registry).

2. Expand the branches to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.

3. Double-click the MenuShowDelay value. If it’s not there, go to Edit ➝ New ➝ String Value, and type MenuShowDelay for the name of the new value.

4. The numeric value you enter here is the number of milliseconds (thousandths of a second) Windows will wait before opening a menu. Enter 0 (zero) here to eliminate the delay completely.
For example, refer previous screen shot where i am navigating file - power iso - set number of drives and so on. 

If you ever have trouble holding your mouse perfectly still, you’ve probably found it frustrating to navigate menus -- particularly those in the Start menu—in Windows Vista.  
Try typing a very large value (65534 is the maximum) here to stop menus from automatically opening altogether, which should make them easier to use.

5. Click OK and close the Registry Editor when you’re finished. Log off and then log back in or restart Windows for this change to take effect.

Note that another way to navigate touchy menus is to use the keyboard. In any application, press the Alt key by itself to jump to the menu bar (or press Ctrl-Esc or the Windows logo key to open the Start menu), and   then use the arrow keys to navigate.

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