Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Microsoft Discontinued Encarta And Microsoft Student with Encarta Premium Products

Microsoft Discontinued The Famous Encarta lines of products. 

Customers will receive product support for up to three years from purchase date or through January 10, 2012, which ever date is reached first. 
We understand that Encarta customers may have questions regarding this announcement, so we have prepared the following list of questions and answers below. Please keep reading if you would like more information about the changes to Encarta. 

Questions about the discontinuation of Microsoft Student and Encarta Premium software products 

Will All Your Information be irrelevant next year?
Although Microsoft will stop selling Student and Encarta Premium software by June 2009, Microsoft will continue to release updates to current versions of Encarta in the U.S. and international markets through October 2009 and in Japan through December 2009.  

How about Purchasing Encarta?
By June 2009, Microsoft has stoped selling all Encarta software products. MSN Encarta will remain online through October 2009 worldwide, except in Japan where it will remain online through December 2009.

Will other Microsoft education software products be discontinued?
Microsoft is not making any other announcements at this time. However, Microsoft remains committed in delivering the most effective technology and to make teaching and learning more engaging and relevant in the 21st century.


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