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Preparing For IELTS Listening Sub Test

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination is primarily designed to assess the readiness of candidates to study or train in further or higher education courses held in English at college or university. Read more on International English Language Testing System.
From my earlier post, you should be aware that there are 4 sub tests in IELTS. The Listening Sub-test, the Reading Sub-test, the Writing Sub-test, the Speaking Sub-test. Here we will see the first one - The Listening Sub Test.
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The Listening Sub-test takes 30 minutes: approximately 20 minutes to listen to the tape and answer the questions, and 10 minutes to transfer your answers to an Answer Sheet provided with the test booklet. 

The test consists of 4 sections, and you will hear the tape only once. There are 40 questions in total.
  • The listening passages become more difficult as you progress through the test.
  • Section 1 is based on social or life situations: for example, travel arrangements, visiting a new city, or making arrangements to go out. This is usually a conversation between at least two speakers.
  • Section 2 is also based on social or life situations: for example, a news broadcast, or a description of college facilities. This is usually a passage with only one person speaking.
  • Section 3 is usually based on education and training situations: for example, a group of students planning a project, or a tutor and a student discussing career options. This is often a conversation with up to four speakers.
  • Section 4 is also based on education and training: for example, a lecture or a talk of general academic interest.
  • Spelling is not important in the Listening Sub-test, except that you must spell words correctly when they are spelt out for you on the tape.
  • Your answers need to be legible, that is, they must be able to be read. This applies to all the types of answers you give: letters, numbers and phrases.
  • You write your answers on the question paper as you do the Listening Sub-test, and when it is completed, you have 10 minutes to transfer them carefully onto the Answer Sheet. Make sure that each answer is transferred accurately and is legible.
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