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Six Points To Improve Your Programming Skills

To program, you must elicit ideas from other people and share your ideas with them. Sharing ideas comes in many forms. I have already discussed about the Steps to  be a better programmer

So read on my earlier post on [Nine Steps To Improve Your Programming Skills] and enjoy! Programming can be a lot of fun. Also read  my tips to  improve your programing skillsHere i will discuss about the warnings you need to consider to shine in your programming career.

Few Warnings [Essential Steps] You Must Consider To Improve Your Programming Skills.
  • Save your work frequently as you go along or you risk losing hours and hours of work to a computer crash or lock-up. If you ignore this warning now, it's a lesson you will learn the hard way!
  • As discussed in step 4 [Nine Steps To Improve Your Programming Skills], Hungarian notation (indicating a variable's type as a prefix) should be used with caution. It can lead to inconsistency when edited, or particularly if ported to another language / operating system. It is of most use in 'loosely typed' languages, that don't require you to pre-declare the type of a variable.
  • Copying and pasting others' code is a bad habit, especially if you weren't supposed to see the source. But all things considered, taking small portions from an open source program could be a learning experience. Just don't completely copy a program and attempt to take credit for it.
  • Always test your code
  • Don't copy code from another program unless you have permission or the license permits it, like Open Source licenses.
  • Make regular backups (Also read Five Reasons To Backup Your Data) of your application code onto another hard drive or portable device, that way you will have a copy if your computer dies or becomes unavailable - remember to keep the copy in a secure place.
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