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Take Control Of Problems In Windows 7 With Action Center

How many of you want Windows to stop sending so many alerts and messages and to give you more control over messages. In Windows 7, you get to choose the messages you want to see. Also Read: Whats New In Windows 7.

I think that Microsoft has finally gotten the message about Vista’s excessive pop-ups and nag screens. In Windows 7, Microsoft has pledged to deliver a lot fewer disruptive messages.

Action Center:
Action Center is a completely new feature in Windows 7, designed to consolidate various alerts and status messages into a single location. In this view, you can see a pair of color-coded alerts.

The pop-up messages are annoying, but some of them are important. What Microsoft has done is to create a new Control Panel applet called the Action Center. The Action Center is going to be a centralized place where you can go for the latest tasks and notifications. The Action Center consolidates all of the alerts generated by ten different Windows features including:
  • Security Center
  • Problem Reports and Solutions
  • Windows Update
  • Windows Defender
  • Diagnostics
  • Network Access Protection
  • Backup and Restore
  • Recovery
  • And User Account Control
Even if you don't change a thing, you'll still see fewer notifications and icons popping up because the Action Center consolidates alerts from many Windows features (as stated above), including Security Center and Windows Defender.
Now, whenever an issue occurs that needs your attention, Windows will display an icon in the notification area. When you click on this icon, Windows will take you to the Action Center so that you can address the issue.

Figure below is what the expanded view of the Maintenance section -- just to show you the options that are normally hidden. Also Refer my earlier post on Whats New In Windows 7.
Rather than popping up with a message in the lower right of your screen, if Windows 7 needs your attention, you'll see an Action Center icon and can find out more by clicking it. If you don't have time to look at the alert immediately, Action Center will keep the information waiting for you to address later.

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