Friday, July 17, 2009


The Thief And The Ghost | Story

It was a no moon night. A Brahmin named Vedanta was sleeping in his house on the cot.A thief entered Vedanta’s house to steal the valuables.

As he entered the house through a window, he encountered a tall figure. The thief got scared someone is still awake in the Brahmin’s house.

The figure was not of s human being. It smiled and replied, “I’m a ghost. Today I’ve come to kill this Brahmin because he is not scared of ghosts. He always preaches others not to be scared of ghosts, as its only imagination. I want to prove that there are ghosts in reality.

The thief said” Alright you do as you wish only after I leave this place after stealing the valuables.”

The ghost replied, “No! Let me kill first. Then you can start your work. While stealing the household items, if something falls and Brahmin gets disturbed then I’ll not be able to perform my work.

The quarrel of the ghost and the thief resulted in total commotion and as a result, the Brahmin woke up from his sleep.

When he saw a thief and ghost quarreling, he quietly sneaked out of the house and started shouting for help.

The neighbors immediately rushed out of their houses with sticks and rods. They thrashed both the thief and ghost black and blue. Both ran towards the forest crying in pain.

After reaching the forest, the ghost vowed, “I’ll never try to eat a human irrespective of whether people believe in the existence of ghosts or not.”

The thief added, “And I’ll never argue with a ghost.”

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