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What Kind Of Managers Do You Have | Characteristics Of Your Manager

Managers come in all shapes and sizes, and you need to recognise their different attributes when dealing with incompetent bosses.It’s no secret that poor leadership can leave a business in ruins.
Consider General Motors' former C.E.O., Rick Wagoner, whose questionable guidance cost the company approximately $82 billion in the past four years. Is it any wonder President Obama demanded his resignation?

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Then there was former England boss Steve McLaren -- he was given the gig when all around him could see he wasn't up to the task. The result? A talented group of individuals failing miserably to qualify for a major tournament.
Also don't forget the scam by Satyam Raju!. He has brought to the fore the ugly face of the IT industry and enough stones have been thrown on him.

Here Are The Different Types Of Managers And Their Characteristics:
The Corporate Bully
Rude and drunk with power, corporate bullies will go out of their way to humiliate you in front of clients, colleagues and, of course, their own superiors. Their management strategy consists of making condescending remarks during performance reviews and threatening to fire you every time there’s a problem, whether or not you’re at fault.

The Micromanager
Everyone is familiar with the saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Micromanagers live by it, nitpicking every aspect of your work, including the number of seconds by which you deviated from your scheduled break. Granted, they provide great support if you don’t mind having someone constantly checking on your progress, but if you value your independence, you’re in trouble.

The Office Politician
Cowardly and duplicitous, office politicians always put their needs over those of the team. They may act like your best friend, but they’ll stab you in the back the minute you get too chummy with senior management. Broken promises, misinformation and stolen ideas are all par for the course when dealing with incompetent bosses of this kind.

The Senior Enforcer
Usually promoted because of seniority, this type of boss is devoid of common sense, following procedures to the letter and shutting down every effort to innovate. Terrified of making a decision, senior enforcers also have trouble with the notion that maintaining employee morale is among their duties, so don’t expect any sort of flexibility.

The Drama Queen
The term refers to managers of any gender who spend most of their day complaining, turning every mild inconvenience into a full-blown problem. Self-centered, disruptive and incapable of forethought, they reject the most obvious solutions just to prolong the situation and make every confrontation personal. Drama queens are never satisfied.

The Silent Strategist
Silent strategists often make the workplace unbearable because you can’t tell where you stand with them. They rarely provide feedback and tend to make important executive decisions without informing their staff, relying on a select few to carry out their master plan. As a result, the left hand never knows what the right one is doing.

It’s easy to feel powerless when dealing with incompetent bosses, especially when they’re running the office into the ground, but it’s crucial that you assert yourself and try to affect change. Denouncing your supervisor can be delicate, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t suggest ways to streamline the company. It may well save your job.

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