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6 Reasons For Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 is a significant upgrade from Windows Server 2003, and most especially from Windows 2000 Server. There are many reasons for saying this, but here are
some of the outstanding ones:

  1. It is easier to configure and manage. Windows Server 2008 has added Server Manager to replace several tools in prior versions of Windows Server to create a single, unified management interface to install, configure, and control all the roles on the server.

  2.  It offers better security. Windows Server 2008 considerably enhances security to protect the entire network through improvements in authenticating the user, controlling user access, securing stored data, securing data transmission, and managing security.

  3.  It is a more powerful web server. Internet Information Services Version 7 (IIS 7) provides a comprehensive platform with new and enhanced web services for building, delivering, and managing web applications with improved security.

  4.  It offers easier and more secure remote access. Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008 has added two new modules, Terminal Services Gateway and Terminal Services RemoteApps, that increase the security with which a remote computer can access a local area network (LAN) and that greatly improve the experience of remotely executing an application.

  5.  It substantially enhances the ability to customize a server. The Server Manager’s role selection allows you to specify only those roles, role services, and features that you want installed, thereby shrinking the components that require computer resources and management and that can be attacked.

  6.  It provides a new command-line environment. Windows Server 2008’s PowerShell allows you a much greater and more powerful ability to configure and control the operating system without using the graphical user interface (GUI). This allows Windows Server 2008 to have an installation option of just the server core without the GUI and with only some of the roles.
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