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Life Without The Control Panel | Study On Windows Server 2008 Core

It’s important to remember that the Control Panel applets are a graphical feature of Windows. Most of these applets rely on the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), a host application. You’ll find that nothing in the Control Panel appears with Server Core. At first, this omission may make it seem impossible to manage Windows. 
However, just about everything you need to mange Windows does appear as part of the command prompt, as you’ll discover as working with windows server 2008. For example, if you want to add or remove users, you can use the NET USER utility to do it, or create a VBScript script to perform the task. You’ll find a discussion of these techniques soon in bench3.

However, the command line isn’t quite complete. For example, you can’t change some characteristics of the GUI display using the command line feature. Of course, given that the GUI isn’t a big part of the Server Core feature, this may not even be a consideration for you. To change the GUI display, should you need to do so, you’ll have to rely on registry hacks.

The point is that the omissions generally affect something that you won’t use a lot in Server Core and you probably won’t notice they’re missing. One omission you’ll definitely notice is that it’s harder to install applications in Server Core. You won’t find the familiar Add or Remove Programs applet in Server Core, but you still have a number of methods of working with applications at your disposal using the command line in this case. 

The Control Panel admittedly contains a number of applets you’ll never need in Server Core, so it’s impossible to miss them. For example, you won’t have to worry about managing your game controller because Server Core isn’t suited to the task. In addition, you can’t really use Server Core for database management, so the lack of a Data Sources (ODBC) applet in the Administrative Tools folder of the Control Panel isn’t much of a concern.

(ODBC stands for Open Database Connectivity.) Because Server Core lacks any form of Internet Explorer, you also won’t need to worry about the Automatic Updates applet. All of these omitted applets don’t have a use in Server Core, so Microsoft doesn’t provide any means to perform the related tasks at the command line either.


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