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Problem With Windows Display | Junk Display Or Screen Does Not Look Good

Display settings refer to a collection of Windows XP settings that govern how your display looks and how icons and fonts appear on your screen. When you get everything looking the way you want, it's great. When it's not, it is a real drag.
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The good news is that most display settings are easy to fix, once you know where to go. This post will explore the most common Headaches you are likely to encounter.

Colors on my screen do not look good.
Mostly, windows XP Professional and Home Editions will be affected with this type of problem.
Display Hangs / Junk Display:
Windows Vista will be affected with this type of problem.

Possible Reason:
Cause If your display color simply does not look good, you probably have a problem with
your display driver, or the driver is not compatible with Windows XP. A driver is a piece of software that allows a hardware device, such as your video card, to work with Windows XP.

If the driver is messed up or isn't compatible, Windows XP tries to use one of its own drivers to make everything work for you. Sometimes that works out and sometimes not. 

Fixing the problem, however, requires a little investigative work on your part. It is important to keep in mind that every display adapter-every piece of hardware for that matter-has a driver that enables Windows XP to control and manage it. If the driver doesn't work, the device will not work. If the driver isn't the right driver, the device might work OK, but not the way it should.

The basic rule is simply this: You have to have the right driver or you will have problems for which there are no workarounds.

Always make sure any new hardware that is installed on your computer is compatible with Windows (XP - Windows 7) before you install it. Simply getting the right hardware can stop
multiple headaches before they occur.

To fix the color problem, follow these steps:
1. Click Start | Control Panel.
2. Open the Display icon by double-clicking it. 
Note: If you are using windows vista... Just right click on the desktop and click on personalise and then choose display settings (last option).
Tip: If you don't see Display, you need to click the Switch to Classic View option in the left Control Panel pane. Then, you'll see the Display icon.
Tip: You can also reach display settings by right clicking your desktop and going to properties and choosing settings.
3. Click the Settings tab, as you can see in the following illustration. The Color Quality drop-down menu should be able to display several different settings, such as 16 bit, 32 bit, and so forth. If you are stuck with only one color quality setting-and it is low-then the problem is the driver.
4. In order to resolve the driver problem, you will need to visit the video card manufacturer's Web site and see about downloading a new driver. Microsoft does not provide drivers for hardware vendors, so you'll have to get the driver from the manufacturer's Web site.
You can also try this If you still have problem, better try to remove any unwanted device (possibly the one you recently added  - - may be LAN card).
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