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What Is Managed and Unmanaged Clients In Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edtion

If you have experienced installing Symantec Antivirus corportate edtion, then you might have come across the term  "Managed and Unmanaged Clients". What is it actually?
Managed and Unmanaged Clients
You may have two types of installations in your school / workplace: Managed and Unmanaged clients. It is recommended that whenever possible, you set up the clients in your district as Managed.

Managed Clients receive their updates directly from their Primary (or Secondary) Server whenever new definitions come out. The Primary/Secondary Server can also view information on managed clients (for example when scans have been done, whether viruses have been found, what action was taken, etc…). The Server may also initiate a scan on a machine it manages. All clients installed on Windows can be set up as Managed Clients.

Unmanaged Clients receive their updates through LiveUpdate on a scheduled basis. You must configure the machine to connect to Symantec’s LiveUpdate server at regular intervals to determine if new definitions are available. These machines are not visible to the Primary/Secondary Servers in your district. DOS, MacOS and OS/2 can only be configured as Unmanaged Clients.
Symantec AntiVirus can protect your computer from destructive programs known as viruses and Trojan horses, and can protect against malicious Active X and Java applets. Version 10.1 (+) also provides Spyware prevention and removal capabilities.


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