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Cloud Computing And Java Runtime Environment In Windows Vista

The term “Cloud Computing” implies that you are not presently on the ground and working somewhere...

Perhaps the most essential in the upcoming web world, Java Runtime Environment somewhat forms the backbone of cloud computing. Java, being a new language, still leads the market. This is required for the proper functioning of browsers to display content that is programmed in Java. This runtime environment is available at Sun’s website including updates and patches for Java 2.0.

Most of the general functions of cloud computing are achieved through it. The term “Cloud Computing” implies that you are not presently on the ground and working somewhere amongst the clouds. In technical terms that means you are presently modifying/creating something that is stored somewhere amongst those infinite servers present throughout the world, and the ground in this case is your own personal computer.

It has many advantages. Your file/work is at a minimum risk of getting deleted which may happen if your system crashes some day. Also it gives your work/file the attribute to be universal which means that it can be edited from anywhere in the entire world simply if you are connected to the internet. This is the basis of Cloud Computing, rest it is a complete new world which has infinite applications. Google Docs is a simple example to prove the point. Even some of those online backup sites that offer you free storage at their servers use Java to upload files.

The runtime environment is integrated in the “Java Development Kit” (JDK). Get the latest JDK from the sun’s website given below. JDK gives you the power to program on Java as the development kit has it all including compilers, debuggers, translators, and what else is required for the functioning of a modern programming language.

This can be obtained here:-


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