Monday, September 14, 2009


Fix Missing Task Bar Icons In Windows XP | Restore Taskbar To Its Default State

I used to be able to see items in my task bar for programs that were running and I could click on them to switch between programs. Lately, though, those items aren't there. The only way I can figure to switch between programs is to use the task manager. How do I get my taskbar "running programs" buttons back?

The task bar is a busy place, and there are lots of things on it; the start button and menu, the quick launch bar (if you have that enabled) and on the far right, the notification area. Most all of those are configurable to some degree, but the area where buttons representing your "currently running programs" is not. It's always supposed to be there, there's no way to turn it off. As a result, no way to turn it on should it disappear.

Well, no obvious way.

• Unfortunately, I have gotten reports of the "running programs" area going away. I have no real idea of how it happens, but, clearly, it does.

Restoring, while not obvious, is not hard. It appears to only need a registry change and a restart of Windows Explorer.

Kelly Theriot, a Microsoft MVP, has a set of tweaks available at Kelly's Korner. Just download this script from kelly Theriot. This will download, a "vbs" (VBScript) program . Just run that script which will, after confirming, reset the Taskbar's properties. Note that several other aspects of the Taskbar will also be reset to their default states, but you should get your "running programs" area back.


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