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How To Install Any Version Of Windows 7 Using A Single DVD | Install Windows 7 Ultimate Using Windows 7 Home, Premium Or Pro

No matter which Windows 7 installation DVD you have — Ultimate, Pro, or Premium — if you do small trick, you'll be offered choices (refer screen shot below) and can install any version of Windows 7.
Figure: Delete or rename ei.cfg before burning a Windows 7 installation DVD, and a menu then allows you to select which version to install.

Here's the crux of the matter: If you put a DVD containing Windows 7 Ultimate in your PC and run the installer — either by booting from the disc or running the setup program from inside Windows — you end up with Windows 7 Ultimate. No surprises there.

However, if you first delete a tiny file named ei.cfg before making the installation DVD, the Windows 7 installer will give you the choices shown in Figure above.

In fact, as said above, no matter which Win7 installation DVD you have — Ultimate, Pro, or Premium — if you delete the ei.cfg file from the disc, you'll be offered the same choices and can install any version of Windows 7.

At the moment, only a small number of people have received a physical DVD containing Windows 7 Ultimate. Instead, most current Windows 7 users downloaded an .iso file, which includes everything on the Windows 7 Ultimate DVD: boot settings, file-structure details, etc. You burn the .iso file to a DVD. Then you either boot your PC from the DVD or run the setup program within an older version of Windows to kick the Windows 7 installer into gear.

If you have a Windows 7 Ultimate .iso file, it's easy to delete ei.cfg. First, get a 30-day trial version of the gBurner utility, which is available from the program's download page at CNET's Then install and run gBurner, open the Windows 7 .iso file, and delete (or rename) \sources\ei.cfg. Piece o' cake, although it can take  10 minutes to save the altered .iso file.

You can then use either gBurner, or Alex Feinman's ISO Recorder program (available from Alex's site) to burn a version of the .iso file without ei.cfg to DVD.

What if you do have a physical Windows 7 installation DVD, but you don't have an .iso file? In that case, use either gBurner or ISO Recorder to rip the DVD into an .iso file. Then follow the instructions above to delete the ei.cfg file and burn a new DVD.

Get the right version of Windows 7 going now and you won't have to reinstall it — or pay an exorbitant price — later.


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