Sunday, September 6, 2009


Make Folders Private In Windows XP

Make Folders Private - To Set Any Folder To Private:
Right-click the folder you wish to make private, and then click Properties. Click the Sharing tab, and then click to select the Make this folder private so that only I have access to it check box. Click Apply, and then click OK. 

Note: You cannot make your folders private if your drive is not formatted as NTFS. You Cannot Select the "Make This Folder Private" Option
Home Edition: Set Permissions for Shared Files and Folders. Boot into safe mode and logon to the 'Administrator' account. Right click the folder in question/Sharing and Security/Make Folder Private.
If you cant see the security tab, then do the following.
Go to My Computer - Tools - Folder Options
Click On View
And Make sure the last option is not checked. 
Tip: Hide Files and Folders inside of Windows XP
Windows Explorer/Tools/Folder Options/View/Show Hidden Files and Folders. Right click the folder to be hidden/Sharing and Security/General Tab/Hidden/Apply Changes to.../
Third Party Software:
Hide your private files and folders from other users. Restrict access to important system files and be in full control of the way your files and programs are used by other users of your computer.


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