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How To Use Windows Software On Linux | Using WINE On Linux | UBUNTU

Using Windows software on Linux

This is the first question and hence a hurdle in people switching over to Linux. I would like to specify that. Yes! most windows products work on Linux.

The only thing you will need is WINE... More here: http://www.winehq.org.

Wine is a sfotware for Linux which acts as a "think layer" to help run Windows softwares without letting them know that they are working on Linux.

Wine creates a C: drive which is absent in Linux and installs and runs these programs on this C: drive (this is the best I can put in Layman's language.) 

How to install WINE?

1. Installing programs is not as on Windows. There is a dedicated application as in Windows "add/remove programs" wherein you can install and uninstall the programs on Linux.

2. The detailed procedure to install WINE on Ubuntu is specified here: http://www.winehq.org/download/deb (If you have any trouble installing WINE...let me know...I will try to guide you)
3. Once you have installed WINE, installing EXE files is easy as on Windows.
4. Right Click on any EXE file you want to install and select "open with 'wine windows program loader'". This will install the program as in Windows.
5. Not all programs might run but most do!

6. After Wine is installed, a menu for WINE is visible in the main applications Menu. All the programs installed with WINE are visible under this sub-menu.

7. You can also uninstall any Windows program from this WINE sub-menu.

The programs I have till now installed using WINE and working fine are:
1. MozBackup
2. Firefox
3. Thunderbird
4. AutoCAD


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