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Simple Way To Transfer Or Import All Your Existing Emails To Gmail

Simple Way To Transfer Or Import All Your Existing Emails (including your mail, contracts, account settings) To Gmail.

If you were planning to switch to Gmail from your present email service provider, it’s the best time since now you can import your previous email account mails to the new Gmail. An announcement was posted on Gmail blog about this new feature where users will be able to import and transfer all their old mails to Gamil interface with 30 days auto-email forward to the old account. Presently, this feature is available on all new Gmail accounts and old Gmail accounts will get this feature activated on their accounts soon.
Well, so if  you dont find the below option in your Gmail account, you can try out by registering for a new Gmail account.
Using this feature, users will be able to transfer all old emails from their old account to the new Gmail account. It’s currently supporting email transfer from sites like Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, AOL,, Netscape, Comcast etc. You can view the complete list of supported email providers, here. You can also import mails to Gmail and assign them with a special label for instant recognization.

How to Import or Transfer Mails to Gmail

1. Sign in to your Gmail account using your login details
2. Navigate to Settings - > Accounts and Import tab - > Click on Import mail and contacts button
3. Enter the email address you want to transfer the mails from (provide login details)
4. Select from the various options : (Recommended to select all four options)
  • Import contacts
  • Import mail
  • Import new mail for next 30 days
  • add label to all imported mail
5. Click on Start Import button to start importing mails, contacts from your old email address to Gmail
6. The whole mail transfer process might take up to 48 hours while you can check status of your transfer from Accounts and Import tab
7. You are done.

Note: If you don’t see “Accounts and Import”  and if you are using BASIC HTML View , switch to Standard View. Also Don’t panic if you don’t see “Accounts and Import” tab under your Gmail account Settings page. This feature is being rolled out to old Gmail accounts and it will take days to add this feature to all existing Gmail users.


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